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We have applied to the Harlingen Harbour Crane all the knowledge and experience gained from working on the Lighthouse and the Lifeboat. It is here that the unassailable elevation of a lighthouse merges with the freedom of living on the water. And to top it all off, you get to do something unbelievable: you can have the crane swing into action!


Adres Harbourcrane

Dokkade 5
8862NZ  Harlingen

Harbour Crane

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The Harlingen Lifeboat provides comfortable lodging for everyone who is not physically challenged in terms of walking and bending. If you wish to experience more of the Lifeboat you can order a private captain. He will be eager to show you during a two-hour trip just how agile this classic lifesaver still is. But, that’s up to you: you can also choose to simply ‘cast off’ all your worries by quietly enjoying this unique place.

Adres Lifeboat

Noorderhaven  89 (Stadhuis)
8861AR Harlingen



“In February 1998, I extinguished the light. The lighthouse lost its function after 75 years because of changes to the channels and alterations to the harbour entrance. But there has been a light shining at this spot for much longer.

Adres lighthouse

Havenweg 1
8861 XH  Harlingen


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Fred en Cecile

“Enjoy this time together in a lighthouse of love! Wonderful. ”

Fred en Cecile

“We will never forget lighting up each other lives! Wonderful”

Lars & Birte

“The 'Crane- experience' was all that we expected.. and more! What a wonderful concept. ”

Steven & Mary

“Something really different!! Thx, nice boat!! ”

Marcel en Jennifer

“Fantastic! What a unique location with a wonderful view of Harlingen.”

Hani & Louise

“The harbourcrane is amazing!
We loved it and couldn't believe how beautifully, imaginatively designed it was.”

Noel & Lucia

“What a spectacular and overwhelming surprise to enjoy and celebrate our wedding night”

Fred + Cecile

“A place to be yourself ? A place to share together ? A memory to keep ? we will return definitely ?”

Sumaya & Anees

“We enjoyed our stay here. Life is so relaxed and stress free.”

Beryl & Paul

“What a wonderful present. A thank you to all who made it possible.”